Youth Football League Serving Fairfax Arlington Alexandria Loudoun Prince William


<p>This form may only be completed by Club Commissioners. Submissions by any other party will not be considered.<br /> <br /> All information must be provided in order to be considered.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS SUBMITTING MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING INTERNET EXPLORER.</p>

<p>This form is intended for any club officers or Coaches (Head and Assistant Coaches) that wish to move to another club. This form is mandatory for any club transfers.<br /> <br /> Any coach or official requesting a transfer between clubs must notify at least one of the clubs impacted. Both clubs will be notified and contacted in any event. It is in the best interest of the requestor to discuss the request with both clubs prior to submitting request.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

<p>This form is for Commissioners to report violations. The Executive Committee will not respond to requests that are submitted by anyone other than an Official Club Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner.</p>